Restaurant point of sale systems and support
in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Chapel Hill


For over 35 years, Data Control Systems has been providing POS system solutions, support and advising North Carolina restaurateurs on technology to increase sales, cut costs, improve service and make their lives easier. We are now expanding our services to cover the entire east coast.The technology and hospitality industry specialists at DCS not only provide unparalleled service and support, they guarantee it 24/7/364 (closed on Christmas). The strength of DCS is not only their experience in the point of sale industry but in restaurant profitability, credit card security (PCI compliance), computer diagnostics, networking and internet security.

DCS is a one-stop shop for all the technologies restaurants need to get the results they are after.

• Add new revenue streams
• Increase check averages
• Attract new customers
• Protect against theft
• Protect against fraud
• Reduce waste
• Improve efficiency
• strong> Manage better
Sell more
Spend less

• Online Ordering
• Gift cards
• Customer loyalty
• Social marketing
• Mobile management capabilities
• Real time alerts
• Wireless pay at the table
• Inventory control
• Centralized reporting


DCS POS is dedicated to ensuring every client is well served; from evaluating your needs, to recommending a customized solution, from the implementation and maintenance of those systems, to keeping clients abreast of the latest technology, DCS is there for you when you need them. Call us today  at (919) 872-5016 for a free assessment and consultation and find out if Data Control is the right partner for you!